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März 2020

Tonaufnahmen mit UMLAUT TRANSFORMATION GmbH Köln

März 2020

Bereits Ende Februar fanden mehere Tonaufnahmen zu Podcasts mit der Fa. Umlaut Transformation GmbH Köln statt.

Die Firma ist tätig im Bereich: Software Development, Prototyping & Products, Service & Operations, Strategy & Innovation, User Experience, People, Organisation & Change, Management, Testing & Validation.
Einige Beispiele finden sich unter folgendem Link .

Who is umlaut?

umlaut is a global, full-service, cross-industry, end-to-end company that offers advisory and fulfilment services to clients all over the world. Our interdisciplinary capabilities enable us to add value, quality and focus to their organisations and produce.

We are an able and agile group of consultancies and engineering firms. 4,300 specialised experts and engineers provide innovative solutions across all industries and their various intersections as well as serving the public sector and developing organisational cultures, structures and processes.